The Terminal

Waiting, waiting, waiting.
Feel like Tom Hanks in The Terminal movie. Seriously considering befriending the security/fluorescent/bag g
uy (what DO they actually do?!) and finding out where the leftover sandwich stashes are! Took some photos, added the green filter because my suitcase is green too….boredom..


Despite the title of this blog it is in fact NOT about love or heartbreak but it is merely a result of the latter. When you’re 23 and you realise you’ve planned your life down to a tee based on one other person and all your dreams are so far flung out the window you realise you don’t know who it is you are anymore.  This is the moment I’ve come to.

No amount of alcohol or ice-cream can soothe a broken heart and everyone goes on about fishes and seas but none of that helps. I think to find yourself you really have to go out of your comfort zone to a foreign land, camera in tow, and where better than the most disgustingly romantic city in the world-Paris.